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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Capture of John Murrell" marker

On page 12 is the marker describing the "Capture of John Murrell - Natchez Trace Outlaw - 1834".
A friend phoned me and said she remembers a movie made around 1960 which was the story of John Murrell.  She said there is a poster for that movie in the visitor center in Collinwood.  Next time I'm up that way, I'll stop and look for it.  A few days after hearing of the poster, I recounted this story to another friend and she said "I was in that movie!".  It seems that she had won a local contest as a 16 year old, and was dressed up in period clothes and appeared in the movie.  Isn't it a small world.  She said she had looked for years for a copy of that movie with no luck.  The movie  "Natchez Trace"  (1960)  starred Zachary Scott.

Wouldn't it be great to get a copy of that movie!

I've been told the rights were purchased by a French company and the movie is unavailable now in the states. 

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