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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Frank Lloyd Wright House in Alabama

The Rosenbaum House is not as old as many of this area's mansions, however it certainly is unique.

This house is of interest to people all over the world because it was designed by the controversial architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It does not YET have a roadside historical sign, however its importance guarantied it a place in my book "Signs of the Past".  Near the front door is a plaque and that served as a "sign" for the book. The Florence Historical Board is planning to add a "sign" in the 2014.

Stanley Rosenbaum was a young professor at, what is now called, the University of North Alabama.  His parents had the house built in 1940 for the young newlyweds Stanley and Mildred and as their family grew, Wright added an addition in 1948. In 1978 the house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was obtained by the city of Florence in 1999, restored to its original condition, and then opened as a museum in 2002.  It is the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alabama and the only Wright structure in the Southeast open to the public. 

Frank LLoyd Wright enormously influenced the architectual world  but because of the repairs and renovations needed by many of his designs I somewhat question his engineering ability. Certainly he was a very influential and talented artist.

If you haven't visited this unique home, you must put it on your "bucket list".

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