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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I moved to Florence in 1975; hence I missed the horrible excitement on that day in 1966 when the "Forks" burned down from a lightning strike.  Word of the fire rapidly spread and people say "it seemed the whole town drove out to see the flaming embers".

The Forks of Cypress roadside sign is relatively new, having been installed in October 2010 by the town of Florence.  Interestingly the sign contained some unforeseen errors.

The title was supposed to read "Forks of Cypress" but said "Florence, Alabama" instead. More serious, the bottom note erroneously said "erected by .... the city of Athens".

  A new sign was promised but was not in place when my book "Signs of the Past" was sent to press.  Hence I only included the body of the sign in the book without the incorrect phrases.

The corrected sign is now in place on Jackson Rd.

I wonder how many people know that just about all thoroughbred horses today trace their lineage to Glencoe at the "Forks of Cypress".  That's quite a  legacy !

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