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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Run over" TOM CLARK

Mountain Tom Clark

I would guess that the most famous (infamous) sign in my book is that of the outlaw who boasted that "no one would run over Tom Clark".  After being apprehended and hung, Tom was buried under the street so that everyone could "run over" him.  Some historians suspect that Tom's family may have surreptitiously dug him up at night to be "planted" elsewhere.  Whatever the truth, it makes a great legend.     
On page 117, because there is no known photograph of Tom Clark., I also included a wonderful picture of the Florence Marshal William Blair who apprehended "Mountain" Tom. Blair's photograph was received through the kindness of my friend Amy Fulmer.

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  1. Just a small dig at you Dave, but Tom Clark was identified as a Union soldier who had deserted during the war and tormented the people of Lauderdale County. By the way, Angela was afraid I was going to hurt your feelings that day by picking at you. Hope I didn't, it was all in fun.